March questions

Well, I have never done this before, but in following Ronnie and Hermione's lead, maybe I should open this blog up to questions you might like to ask.
So, for those who actually read this blog, instead of visiting for the pictures, what might you be wondering about me?
and just a few smiles
remember also, that just 
and really, mate, this is the wine for all of us (read the notice ot consumers)
ask away....
bottoms up


Anonymous said...

Do you find ways to get a spanking or does she.

Baxter said...

Have you and Cindy been married a long time? How many years have you been a spanko? Is Cindy a spanko also or a wife who has acquiesced to your needs and does everything in her power to meet those needs for spanking?


Anonymous said...

If anything, what in your spanking relationship would you like to change.

ronnie said...

Do you have a spanking fantasy that you would like to fulfil?
What's your favourite position and spanking implement?
What's Cindy's favourite implement she likes to spank you with?


Njspank said...

Being a wine lover well the second one hits home. Nice post