How Cindy and I tried anal sex

Well, a little prelude to the topic:

Here is an interesting article that you might like to read...


I am uncertain if Ronnie posted this article, but somehow I came across this article. It is worth reading, specially for those thinking about involving spanking with a new person they have met.

It explains how: "A decade or so ago, anal sex became a hot topic for female-orientated TV programmes, chat shows and magazines. It was swept up in the sexual freedoms that series such as Sex and the City promised us. As a result, some of the taboo surrounding anal was broken down and, for many people, it became the new ‘fifth base’. "

With Cindy and I, we had tried anal sex maybe 40 years ago, and without the internet, and reading about how to do it, it was a disaster.

To my great surprise, Cindy recently brought up the topic, and we discussed it, but decided we would think about it some more.

With so much more knowledge, and not any pressure from me, Cindy once again brought up the topic,and we decided to give it a try.  I know that Ronnie has written about it , so we are both more aware that this is forbidden fruit that at least some people enjoy.

We have also previously tried pegging at my request, and one time I orgasmed while Cindy was pegging me.
With Cindy as a willing partner to try anal sex, we first cuddled and kissed and became sexually excited. With a large amount of lubrication, and very slow entry, Cindy succeeded in pushing backwards engulfing me in her ass. I was very stationary, so as not to cause her any undue pain or discomfort.
Once I was inside, we started slow movements,  which then speeded up to regular fucking,and I had a great orgasm.it was delightful for both of us.

Cindy then rolled onto her back, and as I started to orally please her, I noticed that she was completely wet, and I thoroughly enjoyed orally bringing her to a screaming orgasm. (which goes without saying that she was extremely thrilled)
This is not something we will do often, but the naughtiness factor was amazing.

This might be something for you to consider discussing with your partner!

Maybe you might like to share your experiences with all readers of this blog if you have already had anal sex with your partner.

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Njspank said...

Never did.....amazing story about you two loving and caring. Thanks for sharing.

Baxter said...

I have a desire to try it, but thinking and doing are way different subjects. My wife and I talked briefly about it a couple years ago and never brought it up again.


Anonymous said...

a number of years ago we had tried it. We both enjoyed it and from there we went to pegging (she said it was only fair) We actually both enjoyed that much more. A little tip for those trying it or doing it and it works both ways. If you are doing her put a bullet vibe in her vagina and let her control the speed and she should have a good climax. And if she is pegging you again she should use the bullet vibe so she can climax. R has tried it both ways and loves it.

Anonymous said...

I peg my hubby on a regular basis and he loves it. He loves playing the female role and begs for more the whole time we are doing it. Jan

ronnie said...

Thanks for sharing your experience Red. No didn't post that one.


Hermione said...

It's something we often do, and we both find it very pleasurable. It's a little scary at first, and you do need to proceed slowly, but now it's simply a regular way to express our love for each other.


Red said...

anon: some comments seem to far into the imaginative strain... EVERYONE MUST USE LUBE.

Ron: twice in 40+ years is not very often. it is worth a try..

Baxter: others have experimented.. if interested, and the interest is somewhat mutual,it is worth experimenting.

archedone: good suggestions.. thanks for sharing

Jan: delightful when both people are enthusiastic.

Ronnie: my apologies, i thought you had...

Hermione: wonderful, and thanks for sharing

bottoms up