Happy Easter (the Easter spanking)

So, I sometimes forget what day is coming up, and simply schedule posts in advance. Thus, I have changed today's post.

Hope you have a wonderful Easter Sunday with family and friends.
And beware the Easter Monday SPANKING (photo comes from Jan's http://dancinroses.blogspot.com/2016/03/happy-easter.html


Bizarre Easter Traditions

Easter Spanking?
While chocolate and Easter eggs feature prominently in Eastern European celebrations, another tradition might raise eyebrows – the Easter spanking. In countries such as the Czech Republic and Hungary, it’s a custom for men to “spank” women with specially made decorative willow whips on Easter Monday. The symbolic spanking – it shouldn’t hurt – is supposed to bring the women good health in the following year, and men are supposed to get an Easter treat (such as an egg or chocolate) for the favor.As travel writer Stephanie MacLellan explains in Getting Spanked, or Easter the tradition is widespread, but not everyone takes part.


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Dan Mel said...

The Monday after Easter is Dingus Day and the Polish use the pussy willow.

Traditionally, boys throw water over girls and spank them with pussy willow branches on Easter Monday, and girls do the same to boys on Easter Tuesday. This is accompanied by a number of other rituals, such as making verse declarations and holding door-to-door processions, in some regions involving boys dressed as bears. The origins of the celebration are uncertain, but it may date to pagan times (before 1000 AD); it is described in writing as early as the 15th century. It continues to be observed in Central Europe, and also in the United States, where certain patriotic American elements have been added to the traditional Polish ones.

ronnie said...

Hope you both had a spanking Easter.


Njspank said...

Hope you enjoyed a nice day

Red said...

Dan: sounds delightful, in that something unusual could be a lot of fun for everyone. Thanks for the information.

Ronnie: a happy one, but unfortunately not a spanking one.
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Red said...

Everyday has some nice parts. Thanks
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spanking love said...

love your website, stumbled upon it today and have already spent more than 3 hours reading your wonderful stories.

You just found a new fan red. :)

Red said...

spankinglove: thanks for the kind words. Enjoy
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