French postcards from yesteryear

We were in France a few years ago, and in Paris I saw these in a news stand while walking along the banks of the Seine.
The clothing and hairstyle fit the era imagined, lovely cornertime photo. I always believe it is nice to see yourself naked when you were younger, as opposed tot he specimen looking back at you today in the mirror.
Corner time completed, may i have my spanking now, please seems to be what this willing delightful woman is saying
a friend showed up, and is being helped to show her bottom before the spanking. 
Remember to be SAFE, SANE, and CONSENSUAL when involved in spanking scenes
and try to improve your behavior, by learning from your mistakes
bottoms up


Njspank said...

Nice bottoms thanks

Baxter said...

love the postcards


Red said...

Ron, Baxter: You are welcome
bottoms up