Female (voluntarily ?? ) Flogged on the Vikings

I am beginning to understand that many of the newest type specialty channel productions are simply vehicles for sex scenes. Watching Outlander, the plot is almost non-existent.

The show: The Vikings"  I find to be very interesting,
and it's sex scenes are not crucial to the story, but entertaining for certain.
The last episode of season two has the following scene of a woman voluntarily agreeing to a flogging!  (more on this later)

The dominance is such that she must ask for him to strike her

If you would like to watch the entire scene, click on this link.


However, the intelligence used in creating the scene is quite excellent...
She is married, and has offered herself to him (he is the leader of the army in Paris that has been attacked by the Vikings.
It is a very Catholic society!
He takes her privately to the dungeon....
Now, is she voluntarily participating, or is he just going to flog her mercilessly, and then have her tried for adultery??????
So, she must acquiesce to being flogged...

Spoiler alert, please do not write anything about any follow-up with her and him in season three!!!

The link attached is quite amazing!!!

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Baxter said...


Loki_Darksong said...

The Outlander series is based of the novels of the same name. The core plot involves time travel and destiny.

I am unaware if the show is being true to the novel, but the Spanking scene was spot on. I enjoyed more than seeing it in the graphic novel version.

Anonymous said...

sorry to say I've never watched the show, maybe I should be looking at it. As long as R does not get any ideas LOL.

Red said...

baxter: Very

Loki: The outlander series is a compilation made from various books. However, the story line is simplistic, and is simply a vehicle to show different type of sex scenes, one of the latest being M/M. spanking scenes are always fun
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Red said...

archedone: giving R new ideas will always be fun...
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Njspank said...

She is beyond beautiful. I would spank her over my lap. What a bottom!! Thanks

Red said...

Ron: very true.. I wold rather hand spank her, and NEVER flogging.
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