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Well, if you are visiting my blog, you MAY have an interest in all things EROTIC!

You might think you know everything there is to know about the fairer sex, but some of these emails have articles well WORTHWHILE for you to read.

 Here are some of the amazing topics that are being discussed...
an example: Getting a simple affirmation afterward, like, "Hey, that was so great," is a pretty effective way to make sure you'll get blow jobs in the future.

I have read many of these, that daily come into my email account. 

If you learn one thing that you think is worth trying, then it is a great addition to your love life.

In one, I learned to try licking the alphabet letters while licking Cindy, and she really, REALLY enjoyed it. Certain letters are now go to letters. P, X, Y......

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Both your partner and you will thank me, as one idea once a month that works is a wonderful experience, and I believe you will learn more than that each month. Making love is fun, and having more of an idea what women might be thinking about is fabulous.
and now, 
but do try to stay out of trouble

She does not believe you were staring at Godzilla
and thus

(this comes from dsnaughtyboyspankingadventures.blogspot.com
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of course, another blogger has posted this, which I cannot verify as to whether it is true or not
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