A smile for today

When I saw this, I thought of  Ronnie and Hermione
The reason I thought of them....
and if you read Ronnie's blog, you can just hear her pushing P into spanking her
and still replying while being spanked
Many a husband would love such a woman
bottoms up


an English Rose said...

Hi Red, great post, just how I feel today
love Jan, xx

Njspank said...

Very nice love the last one thanks

Anonymous said...

Woodstock pictures never seen before, shows a young lady with seabag, with sign saying NYC, naked. I would gladly pick her up and prior to getting her to her destination, give her a sound spanking, and insure she is dressed, may not be sitting with ease, but at least I would have properly addressed her naughtiness.

Red said...

Jan: a spanking then cookies sounds GREAT!

Ron: I can see many of us occasionally doing that exact thing...

anon: if the truth be told, I was at Woodstock! When I arrived they were already letting people in free, and when I left (a day before it finished, I drove to NYC. Sorry I missed her... Listened to the Jets vs the Giants on the radio exhibition game.. Giants LOST!
bottoms up