words lead to actions

If you ever mentioned that your wife was bossy

Your choice of words always have a way of determining your fate in life..
The result is per-ordained
bottoms up
but if her mother was visiting when you stated this, and watched your spanking, she just might like to add a few licks of her own
and then you would be sent to do your chores
with a bottom readily available to be spanked for any other missteps you might make



Baxter said...

great stuff. you can see in the picture of the woman strapping the man that she is putting her whole body into the swing of the strap with the resulting red bottom. Men should obey their significant other, especially wives, or be spanked. What a great idea.


Anonymous said...

It was my mother-in-law who started my spankings, my attitude and behavior was out of line. My mother-in-law surprised me while we were visiting her. I no longer was done drying off from a shower that she came in, grab my arm and sitting on the toilet seat had me across her lap. My wife hearing the commotion was soon smiling and enjoying the spanking I was getting. My mother-in-law had me in tears, squirming, pleading, I was a mess when she finished and my wife then told me to get to the bedroom, I did as told, she pulled a chair to the middle of the room, told me it was her turn and while her mother watched my already spanked bare bottom was soundly spanked again. I stood facing the wall in the kitchen, while the two talked. Since then I have worked hard to improve my attitude and behavior, but when I'm going to get a spanking I have to undress and wait in the bedroom, and yes on a couple of occasions my mother-in-law has been the one and she uses the hairbrush now, wants to save her hand.

Anonymous said...

You stand naked, crying, rubbing a very spanked bottom and then your wife get the camera to record this as a reminder.
One picture was of me holding my penis, I was caught playing with it, my bare bottom was on fire and stinging after that spanking. She has shown these to her mother and her mother bought her a very large hairbrush.

Njspank said...

Love the post. The lap in the first pics is amazing. Thanks

Anonymous said...

When you are a spanked husband you do have to watch what you say or should watch. And yes more than one spanking can and has happened on the same day. Once I received 3 spankings in one day. After the first I was kept naked while I did chores giving her quick access.

Red said...

baxter: the pose you discuss is quite frightening.

anon1: seems like the spankings are working,as you are changing from bad habits to good habits.
anon2: a large hair brush is very effective. Beware a wooden bath brush.

ron; yes, the lap looks very delightful

archedone: wow, a day to remember, and one to avoid at all costs

bottoms up

Anonymous said...

That last picture is very much the attire I am requested to wear while performing my weekend chores - as I just did - and with J. standing by... ready to "intervene" if needed !


Red said...

L: glad to see you both have fun on each weekend.
bottoms up