when people like to be spanked

Some of us love to be spanked, as long as the spanking is significant, but not too too hard. Thus, this is appropriate for at least some spankees

Some of us can be motivated to be exceptionally good, if we will receive a reward: a spanking!
The above seems to me an IDEAL situation, that I would love to find myself in!
now the reward;
and as you can see this man has been suitably rewarded

bottoms up


FreebieGB said...

Count me as one of those that like to be spanked. Being married to a nonspanko, I hesitate to say vanilla, has been a challenge at times but we came up with a reward system as a way I can earn a spanking. I have to do or not do certain things to earn a monthly spanking session. That way she gets something she wants, I get something I want. No matter what I always, always look forward to a spanking.

Baxter said...

Once in a while, my wife will tell me that if I am naughty, I wont get a spanking. Interesting reversal.


Anonymous said...

Spanking a love hate relationship. Love submitting to the spanking hate the sting love the after glow. Most times spanking is a reward.

Njspank said...

Love to be spanked or to give a spanking. Nice post.

Red said...

feebiegb: sounds a wonderful compromise that makes the household much happier. (and February has only 29 days)

baxter: I have had that happen occasionally

archedone: i totally agree

ron: you are welcome
bottoms up

Anonymous said...

That first pic is usually what my wife has me do.......very erotic and a good spanking after....god am I hard.

Red said...

anon: sounds delightful
bottoms up