The hand speaks its own language

The hand is always handy if you need to add a little discipline on the spot to your partner!
You might even pause for the photographic opportuntiy
Depending on time available, simply pants and underwear off, and over the knee
any room will do
 specially at bedtime..see if you can match the red of the pjs
concentrate to do a thorough job
but be happy with your task
he will be a better behaved man
so whoop it up joyously, to drown out his please of woe
 be determined
All these photos come from
bottoms up


Dan Mel said...

My wife carries a hair brush in her purse so if we are out shopping and I need a spanking for something she finds a family bathroom where it is private to spank me.

Baxter said...

my wife doesn't like to use her hand, she says it hurts. So instead she uses a crop, paddle and wooden spoon. it is ok with me, just so long as I get the spanking I deserve.

Anonymous said...

Red we hope you had the boat rocking....actually we could feel the thunder on the West Side of Florida.....I am writing at the request of you know who and she has had me over her knees today and I am sure I could be called RED today also. We both love reasons to spank and thus the spankings are more intense....well she counted my pills in my RX bottled noting that I have not been taken as directed and thus I was directed to the basement for a stern lesson for a stern loving wife..........George

Anonymous said...

The worse spanking my wife gave me was with her hand, I layed across her lap, pants and underpants around my ankles, my legs kicking as her hand rapidly landed hard on my bare bottom. She was so mad that her best friend walked in, saw what was happening, my wife said have a seat and when she finished I was told to face the wall. I did as told, a stinging, warm bottom and crying while they talked. Her hand at times is worse than the hairbrush.

Njspank said...

I love the hand and love that first picture. Hand spankings are the best

Njspank said...

Just saying.....that first pic is just classic and hot.

Anonymous said...

The fellow in the yellow shirt reminds me of last Saturday only she had me bawling like a baby and kicking as she used her hairbrush on me. Robin

Anonymous said...

Very nice otk... some i'll have to show my Wife to spank me in! sara

Red said...

DAN; YIKES!! Glad Cindy does not do that.

Baxter: the bottom should hurt, not the hand..

George: you had better take all the pills daily. Glad to know your partner has increased the spankings when necessary, as you have increased them up for her. If you see this reply, maybe give her a spanking for having re-introduced them into your lifestyle together.

anon; must have been something worthy of being spanked for, if she continu8ed when her friend walked in. best behave better in the future.

ron; I like the caress of the hand, but it hurts Cindy more than me.

Robin; thanks for sharing.. a hair brush can work magic in making a couple happy, albeit the spanked person needs a bit longer to find the happiness

sara: glad to know you are both into spanking, and that your wife spanks you! Spanking works for every couple.

bottoms up