outlander spanking scene also oral scene

It was a bit of a surprise, but not really when you come to think of the era being portrayed.

The spanking scene is HOT, and fun to watch. Totally pretending to be non-consensual, but as it is a fictional story, and the actors are paid and agreed to play the scene, who am I to complain. You can watch the episode " The Reckoning" at about 25 minutes, or click the first link.

Plus, the actress, Caitriona Balfe is very beautiful, and throughout the series you get a lot of views of her gorgeous nude body.

The struggle
the baring

more struggle,
followed by baring her bottom again
 and the belt
You can hear Caitriona   talking about the scene in the following link   

The show has some fun ideas for the era, where the next episode (By the pricking of my thumbs)  has Sam Heughan, one of the main actors orally pleasing Caitriona! I wonder how they justify this scene, if you think of the era. Bathing was not a daily activity, specially in the Scottish Highlands, so it would take a brave man to be so readily interested.

Another fun scene in the following episode (The Devil's Mark)  that follows has Sam manually bringing Caitriona to an orgasm.

Wonder what comes next... Don't tell me, i am watching the episodes on a DVD. Definitely, Caitriona is a very beautiful actor

bottoms up


Njspank said...

Terrific post.

ronnie said...

Super post Red. Thanks for sharing it.


Red said...

Ron and Ronnie: thank you...
It is a fun show, with little happening except scenery, sex, and brutality...
They have had spanking, attempted rape, oral sex, giving a woman an orgasm with his hand on her vagina, attempted rape stopped by the man having erection problems (and you get to his his penis), burning at the stake (not shown), requesting to peg another man else the man would be flogged (and was)... story line...next to non-existent.
bottoms up