outdoor spankings

I have been spanked outdoors a number of times, and it definitely adds an additional thrill to the spanking.
Sometimes some women might deliberately flash for the camera, just so that their partner will then spank them outdoors the next time the opportunity arises

ready and waiting
Men, however, earn spankings without thinking, or is it because they were NOT thinking.
bottoms up
Then maybe ride him, cowgirl


Anonymous said...

A particular camping trip my girlfriend decided to go skinny dimping, this was not a secluded area. Needless to say she drew some attention. I asked what she was thinking, she smiled from the lake, nothing, a tap on my shoulder, an older woman handed me a hairbrush, took some work, but my girlfriend was soon over my lap, a few watching, her wet bare bottom feeling the sting of the hairbrush. I handed the hairbrush back to the lady, she smiled, keep it, I then took my girlfriend back to our camp sight applying the brush every few steps.

Baxter said...

great photos. Like the ones hanging over a branch, waiting for the inevitable.


an English Rose said...

Great pictures, never been spanked outside, must put it on my to do list!
love Jan,xx

Anonymous said...

Love the picture of the smiling lady bent over a branch waiting and wanting. Been there a few times myself. Something exciting about getting a spanking outside even if the area seems deserted.

Njspank said...

Never happened but on the bucket list. Thanks

Red said...

anon: not certain this was consensual! I will assume that the spanking although unwanted (mostly), was somewhat play, because the entire scene sounds very imaginative!

Baxter: I had never thought of this position until I saw the pictures, so something to look for on our next purposeful walk in the woods.

Jan: I have been spanked outdoors, and it is a thrill worth doing, as is making love outdoors in a secluded spot.

archedone: the thrill, besides being spanked, is that if you could have walked to this spot, so could someone else.
bottoms up

Red said...

Ron; It is a very easy thing to arrange, just a drive to a wooded area out of the city, or a stroll up a mountainside, or if not nearby, seeing if somewhere exists where you normally vacation. Make the bucket list happen!
bottoms up