Grumpiness solution

Are you sometimes just a grumpy person? The solution is easy!
some days it goes like this!  An immediate on the spot correction for starters,
but the best way to work out the grumpiness is a good dose of the paddle
It has definitely worked for me
now you can smile
bottoms up


Njspank said...

Always the best cure......works for me too. Love it in fact you feel so cleansed when the spanking is done and your bottom is burning.

Anonymous said...

My wife understands I require a spanking to improve myself, I feel yes/no, standing like a child bottom bared being scolded, the wait I dread. Facing the wall afterwards I feel good, bottom is very warm and stings, but for me it works.

Baxter said...

Yesterday for some reason I was very grumpy, things pissing me off, no idea why. I would have benefitted greatly from a spanking yesterday from my wife.

Anonymous said...

An older woman I was dating had enough of my attitude and stated I was in need of a spanking, I challenge her and said sure, you going to spank me, big mistake, she waited a couple of days and when I stepped out of the shower I was surprise to see her standing there with a hairbrush and soon I was bawling and facing the wall. She finally introduced me to a friends daughter, we hit it off, and spankings are a part, not for sexual pleasure, for she spanks very hard and you do remember them for sometimes after. I've learned a spanking is good for me and I need that naughty little boy in me to be addressed from time to time.

Anonymous said...

Many times I've had on the spot spanking for the way I'm behaving. Like Njspank said you feel cleansed after.

Red said...

Ron: i totally agree that it works for me also, and the lecture during the spanking is about how wonderful our life is!

anon; you are a very lucky man. Lecture works, as does corner time after the spanking, but the main ingredient needs to be applied regularly.

Baxter: seems to me that you should have walked to your wife with a bath brush and asked for a spanking. My main problem is realizing that I am being grumpy. It might be useful to remind your wife that you do not want to be grumpy, so if she recognizes the mood setting in, could she please spank the mood away ASAP.

anon: this older lady was wonderful for you, and it is great that you get a no nonsense spanking when you need one from your current girlfriend. If the rest of the relationship is wonderful, then she is definitely a long term partner and possible wife.

archedone: very true, I just got one, being called to the kitchen for it, while responding to these comments

bottoms up