We are on the road again

I have left posts for some days, but will not be monitoring this account until some time next month. We will be gone for about four weeks. i really enjoy that you leave comments, but they will not be posted until after I see them  when I get home!

A friend sent this picture, for me to print and use while on vacation. A great thought! (but not one we would follow through with.
We are ready to change our latitude
check out this season's swim wear
I guess you could call us: BEACH BUMS
but latitude change does not our attitude
and the flight might be fun
bottoms up


  1. Have a great time relax and enjoy. Oh hope a few red bottom days as well

  2. excellent post and great selection of pictures. Hope your trip is excellent with spankings and sex and partying.


  3. Ron: thanks, we had a great time, and I had a red bottom a few times
    Ronnie: thanks,we did
    Baxter: all three were done, and were excellent
    bottoms up


Thanks for leaving a comment! May you be spanked today :)