Way beyond adventurous Tuesdays

I happened to find this at http://thinkp1nk.tumblr.com/post/107319227648
As one follows links.. it is easy in female lead relationships to come across this topic.  I am amazed, and have no interest in this idea, but maybe for one time for an hour, but the cost for the experience is ridiculous!.
So today's post: have you ever tried this?
As you troll sites.. here are some fun captions of this nature that you might find...The use of captions do capture the mood!
The thoughts certainly show submission in a much more serious, but hopefully, loving manner!
Photos of smiling women enjoying their supremacy
or smiling holding a key
so, smile, being spanked is NOT SO BAD AT ALL!
so, have fun exploring, and let me know your thoughts


bottoms up, but beware



Njspank said...

Wonderful day

Anonymous said...

Some time ago R and I looked at cock cages on the net and she liked some of them and did make a comment maybe we should get one but that is as far as it went. Do I want one no but if she wanted me to wear on I would.

Anonymous said...

I am kept in chastity and released one day a week for 'emptying' before my maintainance spanking by my wife - it does help keep one alert and attentive, now I wouldn't have it any other way.

Red said...

Ron: Have you ever tried it. The cost to me is prohibitive, just to try once, plus, how do you get the right size?

archedone: maybe you should ask again, if she would like one, then you can tell everyone about how you decided the right size!

anon: glad it works for both of you in the relationship
bottoms up