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I am very pleased to be helping Audrey Knight and Stefan Rhyzhkov share some of the spanking material they are creating.

Their website is : http://teamthreesixty.tumblr.com/

Stefan wrote:
Hi Red,
Spanking360 is following, at this point 3 couples (we hope for 5), who have agreed to share footage of authentic domestic discipline.  This, I suppose, is Audrey and I doing our part!

This is an embed code for a 12 minute, very intense and completely real domestic discipline strapping that Audrey gave me.  Real tears, real everything...

Stefan also wrote:" I also shared the movie with you over google.  It should be downloadable to you that way."

This is a very strong spanking, one that I would not want to be the spankee receiving the spanking!

Here is a gif of a short scene from the video:

I asked how they could possibly make money by giving this away, and Stefan's answer was:

"As per money
We are not looking to make any right now!  Right now, we are trying to perfect the art of spanking erotica.
I tell you this as a friend. 
When we do decide that we are happy with our offerings, I think the entire world will be surprised not by how much money the site makes for the two of us, but rather by how much it makes for the spanking community. 

To put things another way, we are not interested in competing with 1000 inferior companies for the penance offered by clips4sale.   We are looking to give an industry that is entirely driven by performers to those performers, and we are looking to free people.   First and foremost.  To free them, to normalize their spanking fetish for them, to help guide them through a world and sexuality that they need not be ashamed of


I wish them good luck, and I hope they accomplish their goals.

I imagine that artists (spankers and spankees)  are not paid very much, as it is quite simple to set-up a website and try to sell spanking videos. I do know that artists are ripped off by the internet, as I am as guilty as others posting photos that are originally from a spanking pay website.

Hopefully, this site might bring more reality to TTWD.

I wish them luck.
(if they become extremely wealthy, maybe I might even be lightly spanked by Audrey for my efforts. (Key idea of lightly)

bottoms up


Stefan Rhyzhkov said...

Lol. Red, you're so naughty there's a good chance of you getting a spankin no matter what!

caned said...

Would love to see caning videos when she is angry.

Anonymous said...

njspank has left a new comment on your post "Audrey Knight's new website":

Their site is amazing and I too dream about going over her lap!! She is awesome