Oh, to be a shoe salesman

Flashing fun at a shoe store

the line for applicants starts on the right
 now this one is so posed

 of course, always be alert for fun views in a restaurant
 or the library
 even an outdoor table
parking in the suburbs
or in any hotel hallway
Women just want to have fun, so enjoy life with them
all photos come from
booty up


  1. Ya know, I look for things like this, but never have seen them. the most I have seen is well exposed female buttcracks and boobs under low cut shirts. I will keep looking.

  2. Worked in a shoe department once not these shots but many panty shots.

  3. My wife ran down the hall of a hotel we were staying at naked. Had a drink or two to much. I waited until the next morning when she stepped out of the shower with a hangover of all hangovers. Told her what she had done and before she knew it, not only a hangover but a very well spanked bottom. Breakfast that morning one particular older lady stopped and said she would have given her a spanking, I smiled and said she was spanked.

  4. Why is he not licking her clit ???

  5. Baxter: keep looking, it keeps yo young at heart, and go visit some beaches in Europe

    The explorer: glad you like the idea

    Ron: must have been lots of fun, and possibly a interesting way to suggest a date.

    anon: sounds delightful!
    anon: that would be a in the next photos I imagine
    bottoms up


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