obey her

There are many tumblrs devoted to female lead relationships, and I enjoy looking at them, and using select items for every post that I make.
First, your underwear is removed
then it is over the knee, sometimes with a leg lock
a little appropriate lecture is forthcoming about your fate
and a hot bottom is soon to follow

One such site is: http://obey-and-adore-her.tumblr.com 

As usual, there will be things that not everyone enjoys, and items that really entertain your imagination.
Enjoy exploring
bottoms up


  1. Dated an older lady, you do not want a spanking from one, I know. I pleaded, begged, everything while over her lap. She enjoyed pulling my pants and underpants down and when the spanking was done, I danced, rubbed, cried, the worse was standing facing the wall, felt really little.

  2. These are lovely... great attitude and positions.. ouch! sara

  3. Love those salesman (and hotel) flashes!
    Funny how it always ends up with us being the ones spanked, though, huh?

  4. My wife of less than three months decided if I wish to act like a child, be treated as such. Thinking she was just having fun I let her pull down my pants and underpants and went over her lap. I now dread when told I will be given a spanking. That first spanking was no joke, I danced around the room rubbing and crying. Face the wall for a good half hour, never felt so little in my life. Now days when told to go to the bedroom I do so quickly, I dread the spanking coming but worse she bares my bottom and not only her hand addresses the problem, the hairbrush helps to make sure I remember the spanking.

  5. Ron: the old fashioned way works best

    Baxter: you are welcome

    anon; I am certain it helped the relationship, but is not enough to keep a relationship going if other problems exist

    Sara: glad you liked them.. and are you imagining being in one of the spanked positions

    anon: a good way to solve problems early in a marriage, instead of arguing. Hopefully, you will learn from the spankings to behave better, and that it is a loving wonderful marriage.

    bottoms up


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