everyone has this in the kitchen

I cannot even attempt to recount how many times this or a different wooden kitchen utensil has been used on my bare bottom in the kitchen. Cindy's spankings with this are short and intense, because she is probably involved with something that is cooking!

Thus, whenever walking into the kitchen, you see it prominently displayed and available

but being held like this, it is about to be used on your bottom, so turn around, bare your bottom, and bend over

but beware, sometimes you will see this when you walk in the door
bottoms up



Njspank said...

Spoons and the plastic spatula as well as those large wooden paddle spoons......all fun! Ha!

Dan Mel said...

I just hate when I walk in the door and my wife is standing there with a wooden spoon or a paddle ready to spank me.

QBuzz said...

Wooden spoons are just the worst! Well, apart from brushes and canes...

Baxter said...

We have a wooden spoon. One day we were in the hardware store in the housewares section. I pointed to the wooden spoon display and told my wife she needs one and she grabbed one and put it in the basket. She put it promptly to use when we got home. Yeah it hurts, but it is a good hurt.

Anonymous said...

Ah, the wooden spoon!... Probably the tool most commonly used by J.(and by N. before her).. It was part of our "12 days of Xmas" observance - along with some harsher ones - and it will, most likely, be used again when or if I fail to perform my weekend chores to her satisfaction...


Simon said...

I hate wooden spoons, they hurt far more than their size would suggest for some reason. When I see her pick up a spoon I know I'm in for a very sore bottom.

an English Rose said...

I don't like wooden anything!
love Jan,xx

Anonymous said...

Many times seeing something speaks louder than words. Like when you see the wooden spoon in her hand. No words needed you know it's going to be used to spank and it won't be her bottom but yours. Once my pants and panties are down the only think I ask is what position. Darn those spoons hurt.

Red said...

Ron: not that much fun when being applied.. i agree.

Dan: very true, because many times you had no idea that you had upset her, and those wooden implements mean a strong spanking.

qbuzz: very true

Baxter: great to know you ae spending money to have new spanking implements... what was that song: Baby, it hurts so good

L: and it is always so near at hand (and ready for use on a bottom)

simon: so very true..they look so INNOCENT... looks are deceiving

Jan: true, but then their occasional usage solves a problem quickly. (PS: thanks for dropping by)

archedone: holding a wooden spoon, and the LOOK, lets you know to immediately bare your bototm, and yes, it is VERY effective

bottoms up