adventurous Tuesdays( or Wednesdays): panties

Another submissive thought for men!
 Actually, i enjoy wearing them at times, not as a submissive, simply as a sexy fun feel! Silk, nylon, and lace add a delightful luscious feeling, and a delightful thought of contravening the RULES (???) of society!
Of course, their is this possibility also!

Now, this is being SUBMISSIVE!

very submissive

She decides what you like!

and if you had refused!!
best to agree
bottoms up


  1. Gosh Red at my age I wear Long Johns with the flap in the back that he up buttons for my spankings ...... and I sure hope he does not see that sore upper thigh.....I got in trouble for not recording checks which means he has to do them all by the 31st.....or I will be doing them on a sore bottom.....but he will be surprised as to what I have in store of him ( and you if you ever stop by )

    1. Joyce: I think you having been signing some things as Joyce, so I will use that name. Apologies if I have made a mistake.. Love the humor. Every woman should have sexy panties in her wardrobe,and you would definitely look good in them. Just wearing them enhances your self-esteem, and feeling good about yourself. Never act your age.
      Not recording checks would get Cindy a really strong spanking.
      Bottoms up
      you deserve it

  2. My friend as you may remember I share the same fondness of the panty. Nothing hotter or more erotic than a lady in her panty. However feel the same when I am wearing them and being spanked......as you said just fun.
    Thanks for noting the panty, most times overlooked and ignored.


  3. I too enjoy wearing panties Red. But I LOVE being spanked in them even more. She has some special ones for me she calls my "spanking panties". Of course most of them are bright red...does this seem like a coincidence to you.

  4. I don't wear panties and the ones my wife wears are far from sexy,but the idea of having them shoved in my mouth and then spanked is a good one.

  5. I've been wearing panties 24/7 for the past several years. they are comfortable and in the words of R look sexy as hell on me. Although I have them in many colors she likes my sheer white ones for spanking as my glowing bottom shows thru better.

  6. ron: you are welcome
    otkloverjohn: thanks for sharing..Glad to know others would take the time to share that they also wear panties sometimes.. and absolutely no coincidence, just a way to measure that your bottom is red enough.

    Baxter: glad you liked the post, and you should suggest this to your wife. you might suggest also purchasing some sexy panties for her, as she is still young and sexy in your viewpoint. Worst result is you get spanked. sounds like a win win

    archedone: good to look through after a spanking,, but better when they are being lowered ofr a spanking

    bottoms up

  7. Smells good! Tastes good! Good for me! Good for you!...


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