9,000,000 PAGE VIEWS and counting

My heartfelt thanks to all those who often, or occasionally, or are first time viewers to this blog.
9,000,000 page loads is astounding. Glad it is not the amount of spanks one receives in a lifetime, as the count keeps getting larger, by between 4 and 5 thousand a day

My spanking blog is one of those things I want everyone to see, but at the same time, I never want to show it to anyone!

This photo is delightful, and applies to many of my readers, whether male or female, and anywhere in between
 Cindy has so many options, and any of these brushes on our bathroom counter immediately catches my imagination
This blog began in 2009, and if the truth be told, i had a spanking blog before this one! (no  spoilers)
How do I keep doing this:
plus it is fun being involved with spanking thoughts as a recreational pastime for part of a day, and ATTEMPTING TO BE CREATIVE EACH DAY!

So, my wish to all my readers
and may you be spanked soon!!!!
regardless of whether you are male

or female

SPANKS for dropping BY!
bottoms up


Baxter said...

Red, your blog is enjoyable and the pictures and themes are great. Good pictures of men and women being spanked. I start my spankoblog viewing every day with your blog and then connect to others. Here is hoping for many spankings for all of us this year.

Anonymous said...

Red congrats. you put a lot of work into your blog and as you can see it shows. May we all have many spankings in the New Year and big smiles after the spanking is over. Myself after a spanking and if I'm not put in display position I love walking around nude so R can see my red and sore bottom that I'm proud to display for her.

Njspank said...

Well done and love the pictures of the line up of brushes.... Very erotic

Red said...

Baxter, archedone, njspank: thanks
bottoms up

Redtail said...

Red congratulations on your work and accomplishments. And yes, I did believe I recognized your style from an earlier blog which disappeared rather suddenly after your reporting an unfortunate incident with a rather non-consensual spanker. Anyway I am glad you continued with what must be a labor of love for you. May you continue to receive many effective spankings.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Red on both a great blog and a happy marriage. Both take considerable work and communication. Enjoying getting read/red.

Red said...

redtail: thanks for the good wishes.

Matt: cute ending... thanks for the kind good wishes
bottoms up