Merry Christmas to everyone

Hope you have purchased for your wife a little extra special Christmas gift for just her eyes and yours, unless others know! (Gift idea comes from the Yahoo group spanked_by_their_wives)
HOWEVER: You should be doing family related activities instead of reading my blog!
Hopefully, if your wife finds out, she will correct your behavior quietly
well, it is up to YOU! the cane is quiet, so, CAN YOU BE QUIET while being caned?


May the day be delightful! 

Santa's taking the day off and resting, now that his work is done!

bottoms up


Anonymous said...

Getting drunk on Christmas Eve was not a good thing, my wife said, it will be addressed in the morning. I stumbled to the frontroom to see her opening a package from her mother, I looked in shock it was a large paddle, she showed it proudly to me and soon I was across her lap and then facing the wall, crying like a little boy. Her mother called later that day and was told the present worked great.

Baxter said...

it is christmas day and everyone's bottom should become the nice red color of the season.


Anonymous said...

Hope you and Cindy had a Merry Christmas and I look your blog over early before others get up. The cane maybe quiet but I'm sure I would not be. Talking to daughter and son-in-law last night I made a comment in fun to R. Her comment made my mouth fall open she said laughing now that could get you spanked. No they do not know about our love of spanking.

Anonymous said...

As every year (a "tradition" initiatedby N. - and eagerly followed by J.) my derrière will be treated to a dozen different "tools" of her choice over the "Twelve Days of Christmas". The first (relatively mild) installment was with the kitchen spoon, and the next one, I have just been told, will be with her martinet...


Red said...

anon: sounds delightful to me, and wish Cindy had done that sooner in our marriage.

Baxter: and specially yours, as we have family staying with us, so mine will go unblemished

archedone: seems like R is willing to .... who knows.... I well imagine that some discussions between mothers and daughters re never known by the husband, specially when it concerns matters of sex, or how to regarding a husband... My imagination but how did you get Dad to agree to ......

L: tradition must b observed...

bottoms up