let your imagination have a good time

Enjoying life, is the most important thing you can do! Having a loving partner helps everyone enjoy life! I am very fortunate, and have the added extra happiness that Cindy satisfies my kink in TTWD (spanking me), and thus we solve problems, show our love for each other, and in so doing enhance a fabulous love affair, with wonderful sexual activities often!

So, some thoughts for today....
Imagine the following happening...  which might happen one day in CHICAGO!!!
You can imagine Cindy explaining to the friend's wife, or the friend's wife explaining to Cindy
This would be C from Chicago (not Cindy) spanking me!!! YIKES!!!
and this might be either wife with her husband!!1
bath brushes are EFFECTIVE!!
So, if we ever do meet, here's hoping they don't have other members of the DWC present at thesame time!
and we will never meet at the office
pleasant dreams
bottoms up


Anonymous said...

Amazing how much women know about you, my desire to be spanked was full filled by an older lady I was dating. It wasn't until I was over her lap, that she stated you men are so easy to read, my underpants came down, and sitting was not comfortable for several days, but I so enjoyed it. Be a naughty little boy when you want another spanking she said with a smile after the first, and I have been.

Baxter said...

I enjoy being a naughty boy for my wife to spank. She is getting better at it and uses different implements from our collection. She spanks on one side and then goes to the other side to spank, so my butt is evenly, more or less, spanked. Funny last night after a good spanking she said 'I suppose you are going into the bathroom to look at your ass in the mirror' and I said yes. I thought I had 'hidden' that activity but we have been married for 32 years so nothing is a secret. Hey Red, I am from the Chicago area so maybe DWC will catch up with me. Wouldn't be a bad thing to have them 'train' my wife in the finer aspects of spanking.

Red said...

anon: sounds like a very friendly relationship, that both of you enjoy. Wonderful!

Baxter: you are very fortunate to have such a wonderful wife, just as I am! It does not seem like she needs any training!

bottoms up

Njspank said...

Great pics. Thanks

Red said...

njspank: you are welcome
bottoms up