indoors or outdoors ladies day

The kitchen has wonderful spanking tools
but what to do when outdoors?
Here are some suggestions!
Was she spanked because she wanted to sit down instead of jogging. Now she may not want to sit down.
A switch is always available int he woods
A switch does not even have to be too long, just cover two cheeks
 but dear, it is cold out here! Don't worry dear, your bottom will be very hot SOON!
the hood of the car makes a good place to lean on for the spankee
and sometimes, it is two for the price of one...

even the garden has wonderful stakes to use
but, if no other implement is nearby, the hand certainly does the job
The hand is mightier than the misbehavior
and never think you can't be spanked outdoors
black and white old photo or simply new using b/w
This certainly appears to be an authentic old photo
and nodenying that these men are enjoying the photo shoot
as are these ladies
can you imagine the discussions before this photo shoot
but, remember if needed, more discipline at home is always a possibility
and pausing while spanking certainly amps up the fears of trepidation on the spankee
and if needed, be creative, and they will certainly behave better in the future
bottoms up


Anonymous said...

My wife enjoys using the pool, especially in the nude, trouble is it is in such a spot that offers no privacy. I've told her several times, even threaten her with a spanking, she just said at her age. Well at her age she sure acted like a child being spanked by the pool, she could not get back in the house fast enough, she said a few choice words in the home only to find that her hairbrush speaks.

Anonymous said...

In your dreams

Red said...

anon: sounds like fun
anon 2: quite probable, but dreaming is alays a good thing iin life.
bottoms up

Baxter said...

great photos. funny when I am outside, I look at saplings and other natural things and think spanking. Not that I have been spanked outside, but it is erotic to think of it.

Red said...

baxter: seems like you both need to get back to nature. I would suggest that you suggest this to your wife, and weather permitting try a walk in a secluded section of a forest before winter arrives. Weekends can be problematic, but it only takes a minute of privacy, and is delightful. My mind always looks for the opportunity when out in nature.
bottoms up