GO VOTE: best creative spanking blog 2015

Indirectly, I have found out about another spanking website, and it is currently  holding a vote for many spanking categories!


The poll is at the bottom of the post!


It is fun to think I have been nominated for something, because this has rarely ever happened.

here is what I wrote in the sites comments:

First, thanks for including my blog in the list. I have never visited your site,and only found about this vote today, indirectly.

The main purpose of my blog is to show that men can be spanked in a consensual, loving way, as part of a lifestyle, not as a master / slave, or even a dominate / submissive relationship. Please look at the top right of my blog that states Red’s spankings. (i just counted and their are 114 listed, but I no longer write about each and every spanking I receive, nor of the infrequent times when Cindy is spanked (but she is occasionally spanked, to a much lighter degree than my spankings). I only started the list of my spankings a little less than 3 years ago, but Cindy has been spanking me on my request (originally), for more than twelve years, and we have been happily married for more than 40 years. She now spanks whenever she decides it is necessary.

I try to show different positions, implements, locations (hotel room/ cabin on a cruise ship), fantasies, men wearing panties, pegging, and other consensual ideas, and mostly ideas for readers to maybe try someday, and provide positive reinforcement to a spanking lifestyle!

This is done NOT FOR PROFIT, but to help a couple enhance their love, happiness, solve problems, and have great sex. All photos of my spanked bottom, or our implements are REAL!

Lastly, and sorry to write so much, I take photos from tumblrs mostly, which have no links to where they were originally posted. If I take a number of photos from one tumblr, then I post a link to that tumblr.

Sadly, and I don’t mind criticism, it usually comes in the form of anonymous, someone who cannot take the time to make an alternate email, use it judiciously so that it never links to their real email/ facebook,etc. Even sadder, it seems the site owner agreed with the comment. Please look beyond the pictures to see the lifestyle that I expound to my regular readers,

One other thought: although you have the category : most popular female spankee, I see you missed most popular MALE spankee. Now, that would be a fun award. (However, this has been reasonably answered, in that, very little interest in looking at male bottoms, which I totally agree with)

bottoms up


Baxter said...

I have been following your blog now for a couple or so years. I have enjoyed the themes and agree that men should be spanked as much as women should be spanked. Naughtiness is gender neutral so that means, consensually, either sex can expect to have bottom bared and spanked. I do ask my wife to spank me and sometimes she takes it upon herself to tell me I will be spanked. Either way satisfies my wants and needs. You got my vote for best blog.

John Osborne aka Chief said...

I have already left my reply on my blog and in no way condoned the guy's comments - I try to be fair and let people decide for themselves. I am very happy that your fine blog got nominated, it deserves it as you work hard on making this an entertaining blog to read!

& I agree that it is a pity that my traffic, at least, are rather indifferent about male bottoms and male spankee awards. I "switch" with my partner so am not against this in the slightest!!!

Good luck in the awards, you deserve to be nominated! :)

Red said...

baxter: well, that makes certain that I have at least one vote. Thanks...

John:thanks for the kind words... I also agree, I would rather look at women's bottoms than men's bottoms.

bottoms up

ronnie said...


I love your blog so congratulations on your nomination. I will definitely go and vote.


Stefan Rhyzhkov said...

Dear Red, I was actually speaking with 3 models (two nominees) who felt that best male bottom, best male anything other than Top, had been completely overlooked by these awards. Although I am grateful to Chief for picking up the "spanking awards" after Richard Windsor left such pain-in -the -butts behind him the awards are nevertheless always going to be inflected by the blog's agenda/spanko-zeitgeist that inform them. It is certainly no bit of trickery but it is also no accident that these awards benefit a certain group of people (my friends mostly) at the expense of spanking erotica sites that are doing something quite apart from the host's blog. I also see a lot of models being used to generate a lot of traffic who don't seem, to me, to be properly rewarded for what is, after all is said and done, a keen business move. I await the day when a real spanko-academy can be formed. Where those who blog, who model, who edit, who film, who act, etc., in spanking erotica can (like the Oscars) celebrate one of their own for outstanding achievement. Perhaps someone will get it together to do a live podcast and will be good enough to make sure that the models, who are really what's driving these awards, see some scratch too, and have greater input (and the ballot box) when it comes to "industry" awards.

If/when that happens, my friend, you will indeed see a best male bottom category, a best M/m shoot award, awards for creatively pushing limits, creativity, social activism (and not just best butt). I realize that this may seem self serving as my ass has been promoted and peddled about the globe (and I don't have no damn trophy!), but as I have now moved behind the scenes, I can assure you this is not a butt-plug (see what I did there), but rather a wake-up call. The perennial complaint in the F/m scene is that the male bottoms are lifeless, that they don't break, etc. Well hat do you expect from a scene that often times literally pays male models NOTHING and sometimes even CHARGES them to shoot. My first shoot for Miss Audrey Spanks was a a two day ass-whuppin festival for which, thanks to Audrey, I was paid XXX.00 instead of 50 bucks, and that was only because i agreed to severe and heavy impact scenes (agreed, huh, I LOVE THOSE). Start paying male models, and you'll get better models, make rolls a competition and the male behinds will become more shapely and attractive. And ALL this SH*T about male bottoms being impossible for most to look at is a bunch of homophobic pbffffft. My analytics show quite the opposite, than a nicely shaped and thoroughly spanked male butt generates MORE click throughts than does a gorgeous female one. That is no doubt a analytic skewed by the nature of 360s work, but the fact remains that on Fet and elsewhere, Audrey gets a heck of a lot of obsence compliments on "her ass" beneath pics of mine. And it is hers....but not in that way :-) So, why don't you think about holding an awards contest next year. One that does speak to categories like male modeling (and the individual elements of PRODUCTION would be nice). Best male butt, best spank-cry by a male model, best perormace, nest male brat....etc. Shoot, a list is coming to me right now! I get a lot of weird male asking me to not mix male and female butts as i do in my Masobeats, but that is exactly why I do so. I do not make "porn." Porn is shameful, makes people hide, allows them to be captured by taboo my marketing executives. I make spanKing erotica. One binds, the other frees. I want people to know that their spanking fantasies can be indulged and "normalized" for their benefit, for the benefit of their marriage, orgasms, etc. No, my friend, I respectfully disagree. There an awful awful awful lot of people who love male booty's a glow. I'm one of them.

Stefan Rhyzhkov said...

Hmmmmm......I'm putting on my big boy pants and going to try to see if I can't get a make spankee mini awards show going via tumber.....how to count though? Hmmmm... well, I'm still going to give it a whirl!

Red said...

thanks Ronnie. I love your blog also
bottoms up

John Osborne aka Chief said...

Well, as I had painstakingly pointed out before, I ran with male bottoms and such last year and got no interest at all and I am also going to run a CLIPS 4 SALE awards in addition - ... I am hoping this will satisfy the amateurs and continual moaners and is open to ANY spanking genre... M/M F/M F/F etc... that will be the last award when I will ask people who have recognised my blog to send me their nominations. I can't stress this enough, if no one wants to nominate then I won't waste my time! Running the awards actually takes a lot of time and effort - believe it or not. & I am not actually promoting my own sites as such... AAAspanking isn't even included, nor is my blog... and guess what. You won! Congratulations. So I am hoping you and your readers will get your thinking cap on and send me lots of great amateur sites and such when I come to ask for nominations just after Xmas Day that we can all check out... In the meantime, enjoy! You deserve it! :)


Red said...

Male spankees! i have absolutely nothing against it, and have at times posted about their being such a little difference between men and women!.
Good luck with your endeavors
bottoms up

Red said...

John: my remarks were inappropriate above, and you will see I have erased a part of them.
I do agree that their are moaners and groaners, when what we both are doing is for our love affair with spanking. If no male bottoms were nominated, then no point in creating them! This is simply more motivation for anyone wanting this category to send a few nominees so that a contest can be held.

Thank you for hosting these awards, and I am a bit stunned that my blog actually won! That is beyond amazing! I believe many other blogs, including Ronniesoul.blogspot.com and Hermione's to be far more interesting, but I am in a niche of men who enjoy being spanked by a loving partner, and that has an audience of men who desire the same.
Thank You
(not certain if you wish to be spanked, but from my point of view you should be spanked as a reward for running this contest.
Merry Christmas
bottoms up