a paddling good time

I was never in a residence at college, so do not know the traditions. However, TTWD seems to suggest that these paddles are used for spankings.
As we have a friend Danielle, I wonder if this is hers to use, or for her to be spanked with?  Knowing Danielle, I bet she uses the paddle to spank her husband, and possibly me!

Now the idea of big Andrea and little Justine certainly gives the impression of who spanks who!
Tracy has her own paddle, so is for her to use on her boyfriend, or for everyone to use on Tracy when needed!

The only question is who is Bridget and will she be spanked SOON!!!?

You can find lots of paddles of this nature at the following link!!!


explore the site, and image the fun the paddles produce 

but, remember, bent over, wooden paddles HURT!!!

so, be nice,a nd have the bare bottom over your knees
bottoms up


Baxter said...

it can be fun to look at paddles and think of how they can be used to great effect. good pictures


Anonymous said...

A paddle of that type has never met my bottom and hope it never does. The paddle I get is a trimmed down ping pong paddle and that is bad enough. But the thoughts of them being used is nice.

Red said...

baxter: very true.. some but not all, sorority paddles must be used at times.Delightful to think of.

archedone: I agree, I much prefer to think of them than to feel one on my bottom (bent over)
bottoms up