thought for the day

I have often wondered, about when I first realized this facet of myself
That although this scenario has never happened, you wish it had

The idea that you would calmly stand in the corner, naked except for your underwear rolled down, waiting to be spanked

that at the time of your spanking, you would calmly remove your belt and hand it to your wife

that when she is seated on the spanking chair awaiting you, you would bare your bottom and bend over her knees
even if her friend is there to watch you be spanked
her friend might even  become complacent having seen you spanked so often

just remember
or a bath brush
 bottoms up



Anonymous said...

What a good question! For me it was a very sudden realization. I started out as the spanker with my first girlfriend, She would get over my knee and I would hand spank her bare fanny and finger her clitoris at the same time.
After we broke up and I started dating the woman would eventually become my wife I
waited until we started having regular intercourse to suggest spanking with her. I said " would you like to try spanking?" Her response was "YES!! " but she added that she wanted to wait until she and her sister moved into their new apartment. When the time finally arrived I got the surprise of my life. I made a move to give her a spanking and she stopped me immediately and said hold it mister I'm not the one who is going to get spanked in this relationship. Drop your pants and bend over the arm of that chair. I did as she ordered. She took of the belt from her jeans and I learned that I was a submissive male. After she cracked that strap over my bare behind to her satisfaction she stood me in a corner, stripped off her own clothes and sat down in the same chair That I was just spanked on. She called me over to her, spread her legs and told me to go down on her. I was wild with passion and down I went. I went from thinking that I was a dominant male to knowing that I was submissive male in one evening. We fell madly in love that night and still are. JayJay PS. Thanks for all those great pictures.

Baxter said...

Great topic and yes, I feel I would submit to a dominant woman. My wife is vanilla but will spank me and allow a bit of spanking to her, but nothing any kinkier. It took me years to get to the spanking mode. but I do fantasize about being the sub.

The last saying is very true, especially in the corporate world. I had a realization once I turned 50 and that was that I had taken enough shit from people and now I was going to throw it back and I have. Feels good.

Anonymous said...

We started our FLR about 20 years ago. We were being kinky in bed one night and she smacked my bottom a few times and I loved it. she has been spanking me since and we did discuss having a FLR and we both love it. It has always been just between us but I do enjoy some of these pictures where more than one woman is present eight being served or waiting her turn to spank. If my wife desired I would submit to that also. But know that will never happen.

Red said...

JayJay: What a wonderful adventurous girlfriend, who became your wife. I will re-post this in a week or two, as it is worth letting other people know, because I imagine few people read comments. Thanks for sharing.

Baxter: thanks for sharing, but remember to temper your statements in the new job, ass jobs are somewhat difficult to find.However, no one monitors your thoughts.

archedone: Never say never, but be happy that your wife is so awesome!
bottoms up