taken in hand

Some websites have a different take on this than I have.  These websites have the male being the leader, and the woman submissive in all features of the relationship.
Personally, i do not think anyone should be completely submissive to another, and that a relationship involves give and take on both sides.

Thus, here are a few ideas that I would enjoy of being taken in hand:

Being lead to your spanking like this is wonderful, and Cindy has done it at times

Once at The Castle, you had your initial “interview” with your Designated Supervisor. When it was over, She took you to your cell.

Cindy has expressed her disappointment that the erection is about to disappear, but happy at the same time, knowing that it will soon reappear after the spanking!

Cindy may even play a little before my spanking, but both of us know the spanking WILL HAPPEN!
this appears to be a rather too hard of a grip!!!!
and one can just imagine a friend being present while you are being teased, before being spanked
So, whatever you enjoy about being taken in hand, do enjoy life!!!!

Here is a smile for today!!!!!
bottoms up


Anonymous said...

I'm submissive to R by choice. That is not to say I don't have any input in our lives but she will have the final say if we can't come to an agreement. To my delight the few times that has happened it turned out she was right and I was wrong. She says when I'm going to get a spanking either because I deserve one or she feels maintenance is needed or she just wants to spank and play. I can ask for a spanking if I feel one is needed or wanted but it's up to her if I get it or not. In our 30 years together she has only said no to me three times that I can recall. I follow a few blogs and I think it's amazing how much our lives are alike. Some differences but mostly alike. Such as being led to a spanking with her hand on my erection another favorite of hers is to pat my nude bottom as we head to the location of the spanking..

Anonymous said...

You are obviously a lucky man with a wonderful, fun wife.


Red said...

archedone; yes, we seem to be very similar, and both of us have an amazing and wonderful wife.

MAtt: we are very lucky men

bottoms up

Red said...

Danny: sorry, but I do not post anything related to childhood spankings