spankster friday thoughts

fun thoughts
How people should dress!!!!
and it might just increase your lover's desires, besides your own
and as the lady says;
so enjoy life:
This beautiful perky woman is giving you a very NAU|GHTY suggestion
OH yes, remember to be spanked often (and try for some interesting positions like this woman
may you be lucky enough to be a man and have a wife say this to you
bottoms up


Anonymous said...

We have been busy all week and no spanking took place until last night. After I showered I went into the living room where R was watching TV. Before I sat down she said go and get the belt and wooden spoon I'm going to give you maintenance tonight. I went and got them my panties came down and I went OTK for a hand and spoon spanking then over the sofa arm for the belt. It was wonderful and followed by a great sex session. when it was over I thanked her for my maintenance.

Red said...

archedone: a wonderful time was had by both of you people. Great
bottoms up