adventurous tuesdays YIKES!!!!

Today's rendition of adventurous Tuesdays is something we have never tried!

Some people must enjoy it, but we ever tried it would be ever so gentle...
 Almost all of the photos on the internet come from paid professional sites, so the actions are consensual! However, some things on the internet are not consensual! 
I imagine it can get the heart thumping even more
HAVE YOU EVER PLAYED WITH gently spanking male or female genitalia?

bottoms up


Anonymous said...

I like having my erect cock slapped around. Though sensitive, a cock can take a lot of punishment. Ball slapping I've experienced less. The anxiety (How much pain will she give me?) adds an edgy drama to a scene.

I have slapped several women's pussies and brought them to orgasm. Fun for all!


Simon said...

I have had my genitalia beaten on many occasions, it makes an exciting finish to a punishment session especially if I cannot endure any more punishment to my bottom. I suggest that if you are going to be beaten there for the 1st time you wear a blindfold. Even the most experienced submissive can find the sight of a flogger heading towards their most sensitive area too much and flinch or move away but a blindfold stops this from happening. The sensation is completely different to having your bottom beaten but in moderation can be quite pleasant. My Mistress has a small birch and a leather flogger both of which can be applied to a male penis and testicles without any problem. I did once get my penis caned when in a fit of bravado I volunteered to have this done when 2 Mistresses at a fem dom spanking party asked if anybody was brave enough to try it. I had to place it on top of a bench and each lady gave it 6 strokes with a light cane. I had to admire their aim as I am not the most well endowed man around but it was agony and left me with a black and blue penis for weeks so I won't be doing that again in a hurry.

Anonymous said...

Not really spanking but at times when I'm erect she will gently slap it from side to side and up and down along with pulling on my sac.

Michael M said...

My wife frequently spanks me on my balls and cock. Instruments range from an open hand, a wooden spoon, a leather flogger and the tab of a riding crop. I enjoy the flogger and the crop but dislike the wooden spoon which she knows only too well.

Baxter said...

My wife likes to playfully wack my penis with the short crop we have. Not hard at all, just light wacks.


Anonymous said...

The last time I got spanked for masturbation without permission, the wife used the leather strap on my bottom cheeks, and a riding crop on my Wee Wee. Ouch!!!! I have not played with myself in the 3 months since. Very effective deterrent indeed. JayJay

Anonymous said...

Hi Red, my wife does not do more than slap my erect penis, with her hand1 She does however like to open my bottom cleft and use a short thonged flogger which she has made! She concentrates on getting the tips of the thongs into my bottom cleft ! I quite enjoy this erotic punishment which stings but afterwards she dons thin plastic gloves and delves into my cleft , ,tickling me in the process and drives me to want to make to move on to really enjoying ourselves making love to her
until we are both exhausted! T.

Red said...

michelle: seems like I might be behind the times, but gently!

simon: thanks for sharing. you are much more adventurous than I will ever be.

archedone: sounds like fun, gentle fun

Michel m : OW!!! hope everything is consensual, which I am certain it is.

Baxter: a playful little whack... Cindy has done this.

jay jay: best to do as your wife wishes, if that is the submissive role you have adopted

T: sounds like both of you are having a wonderfully adventurous happy time together.

bottoms up