9/11 (Why is Europe accepting a MUSLIM invasion)

Mixed emotions as I think about 9/11, and the Syrian refuge crisis.

If we let in Syrians, as a humanitarian gesture, and we should let some, I would truly like that we let in Syrian Kurdish people, and I believe a distinct subset in Syrian Kurdish people are called Yazidis!

Muslims who want to escape the more brutal ISIS, and also the  leader of Syria, should at least stay and fight the ISIS contingent.

Look at the following video!!!!


These are young males, demanding their rights from Western countries, to be able to enter Western countries! These are economic refugees, and they are also going to demand that their religion  be accommodated, or simply be force of numbers do as they please!

Western countries are richer than their current country, but that is only for a portion of the population, as many current citizens await subsidized housing, have limited health care, and limited to no pensions.

Why accept a Muslim invasion!!!!!!!

Last point: Many Muslim nations exist for them to go and live in!. Many are very rich oil states. These Muslim countries do not accept the preaching of Christianity, nor any other religion!

Why are they not going to Muslim nations, where they can practice their religion in ??? peace???

This is somewhat akin to the 100 years war, of Catholic versus Protestant that raged throughout Europe ages ago! This is in many ways Sunni versus Shiite!

One last question: why is the WEST trying to dislodge the ruler of Syria, when one of his main opponents is ISIS! It should be obvious to everyone, that if he is deposed, ISIS will take over!!!

IF we must bring out Syrians, bring out those groups fighting the leader of Syria, but not ISIS!. Let those two fight it out, and then wipe out ISIS if they win!
Your thoughts are welcome, so please think about this!



Anonymous said...

i am a german and i think people who are comming to our coutry have a right to escape their country if there is a war about
kind regards, ralph

Anonymous said...

Very thoughtful comments Red. I have studied their believes and you are right in that they want you to change to their thoughts they have no desire to fit in anyplace they go. If we accept them you can bet some from ISIS will come in with them. Some are here already and we don't need more not when you have a weak government (both sides) who have no plan on how to stop them. They have declared war on us why have we not declared war on them and take care of the matter. if done right it might take us a year to end it.

Anonymous said...

Well said and no I do not understand it either....... EJ

bobcat said...

I agree with you FULLY!!! Also, why should Obama allow undocumented, unvetted Syrian refugees ( invaders ) into OUR country in order to stir up havoc with our citizens???

Anonymous said...

Agree with you 100% Red, and as usual this administration will bow to their demands. As always good post!!


smuccatelli said...

I agree too. We in the US have taken in "refugees" from Muslim countries and have been rewarded with people like the Tsarnaev brothers (asylees from Checnya) who wound up bombing the Boston Marathon a few years ago, the guy who tried to set off a car bomb in Times Square and the original World Trade Center bomber, (1993) Ramzi Yousef. Great Britain has had similar bad experiences with Muslim immigrants, and continues to. It would seem that many, if not all, immigrants from Muslim countries have a problem assimilating into their new Western countries and refuse to accept their part of the bargain of obeying our laws and cultural expectations. I see no reason why Middle Eastern Muslim countries (all of them, save Israel) shouldn't be taking in far more refugees, as the cultural and linguistic norms are far more familiar. The Saudis, for instance, have more money than God (or Allah) and host large gatherings of pilgrims every year making the Hajj to Mecca and Medina. They've got the room and the wherewithal to take in refugees fleeing failed states like Syria and Libya. So do many of the smaller, richer Arab Muslim countries (United Arab Emirates, Qutar, etc.). Our President has agreed to take in 10,000 Syrian "refugees" and, of course, will make sure all are thoroughly vetted so we don't get any ISIS fifth-columnists. Not! It's all about identity politics. Let their fellow Muslim "brothers" take them in. Their culture and our Western, Judeo-Christian culture don't mix well and never will. Guarded, wary co-existance is the best we can hope for. If mass immigration from Muslim (both Arab and non-Arab) to Europe continues unabated, the end result may well be the invasion of Western Europe that was began more than a thousand years ago, except it won't be by Muslim armies or by force. The last time resulted in the Crusades (at least the first Crusade, which was entirely defensive in nature on the part of Christian Europe). Don't forget Spain was ruled by the Moors for seven hundred years and the Ottoman Turks' empire lasted until the end of WW 1. This is madness...

Red said...

Ralph:: Why Europe? Why not other Muslim countries? You already have social ills of unemployed, and I imagine waiting lists for subsidized housing. They should stay in Muslim countries! The west OWES THEM NOTHING!!!!

Dick: i agree

EJ: why are we being given the speech in terms of being compassionate, when it is an invasion!

bobcat: very true... what is all the money spent of homeland security, to throw it away by allowing undocumented migrants who are unwilling to fight for their country

James: thank you

smuccatelli: absolutely agree with you

thanks for the comments

Anonymous said...

I agree