The title states it all,  and this totally follows my post of yesterday. We arrived home late the previous evening, and did the usual things around the house  that are normal. Open windows, turn off timers, purchase a few groceries, etc)

Thus, yesterday, our first day home, we eventually got around to talking about spanking, specifically because Cindy had stated that I was being far too domineering, but added, she was just too tired to spank me.

I volunteered that this was a good reason to use a cane. Very little effort is needed on the part of the spanker to administer a strong message. Cindy stated that this might be a good idea for later.

Later in the afternoon, she called me to the bedroom, but was a little more annoyed that she could not find the cane.We hide all our spanking implements out of sight, and I am the one that retrieves whatever she wants to use as quickly as possible.

Thus, retrieving the cane, and handing it to her, I completely disrobed, and bent at the waist with my hands for support on the bed. Cindy requested I make certain to hold my stomach muscles firm to protect my back.

What followed was a few light cane strokes (sort of gauging the feel for the stroke), followed by a very strong one, and the procedure was repeated many times.  I soon lost track of how many strokes were being given, but Cindy certainly vented her displeasure on my bottom.

Cindy then paused, and had me stand up, and recommenced the caning on the higher part of my bottom, and those really smarted, to say the least. This is a part of my bottom that rarely gets spanked, and is dependent on the implement being used.

Cindy even walked around to the other side of me, and gave a few strokes with her other hand, but these were not anywhere near as effective, and she has a very strong hand, and a rarely used one.

When the spanking finally ended, we made love, and it was beyond fabulous, both of us having exquisite orgasms.
These are two photos of my bottom more than 18 hours later on the next day (today, while I am writing this account). Notice how high up some of the redness still remains.
In terms of us getting back to spanking, Cindy just a few minutes more came into the kitchen and checked if I had emptied the dishwasher as requested. I Had! when asked, Cindy replied that yes, she was thinking of spanking me if I had not done as requested.

bottoms up


  1. Welcome home you two. We also just got home (Monday evening). A cane will get your attention quickly as you know and with little effort on Cindy's part. Looking at your bottom she did a good job. Now that you are back you can refresh your memory on what the rest of the implements feel like.

  2. archedone: you are probably correct with a refresher course being on the agenda. hope you get spanked soon also.
    bottoms up

  3. great marks on bottom


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