A collection of tawses for you to contemplate
 being used
on your bottom
 be good
bottoms up


ronnie said...

I do love the tawse. We have two, longer version and a small one.


Baxter said...

Hmmmm. I should get one for my wife to use. My leather belt is not working.


juliesp said...

My favourite implement, and my husband's least favourite!

Anonymous said...

I've never felt a tawse being used on my bottom. Actually I would like to feel one. I'll have to mention it to R and see if she would like me to buy one. If Ronnie likes them that is good enough for me.

Anonymous said...

We were in Amana Colonies and at the leather show I asked if they had spanking impliments and the older man behind the counter who I though would be shocked said "right this way" and he had a back room with beautiful impliments...." are these for your husband" he asked and I said YES. It was 5 minutes later my husband came into the store and the owner smiled to me. Cheryl

Anonymous said...

No. 2 and 5 look a lot like my "Italian bridle" :-)


Red said...

Ronnie; we do not, so should buy one soon. Do you recommend from any on-line store.
Baxter: our leather belt has become relatively ineffective
Juliesp; what better recommendation is possible for purchasing one.
archedone: I agree, ronnie's and Julie's recommendation should be followed, with discretion
CHERYL: wonderful, but where is the Amana Colonies? Very wonderful for you to take the initiative, and your husband must have been surprised, but I hope you get to feel the effects of it use also.
J: at last i know what an italian bridal looks like
bottoms up

Anonymous said...

It has been a while since I applied my Italian bridle to L's derrière - but as he has earned himself a sound "bottom warming", I think I may give it a try later tonight!


Anonymous said...

Mission acomplished (two hours ago)... L's bottom has been well and soundly strapped! I love the sound of the Italian bridle when it cracks on his exposed backside ! Not to mention his 'dancing' and wailing - or the tearful thanks he offers at my feet when I am done with him!