your smile for today
 then again a BARGAIN should NEVER be passed by
 Some people know this about me
thought for the day!
 this spanking is certainly working
 but the spanker is only about to begin, and Audrey can SPANK, so this young lady will have a different reaction soon
 Always a sense of humor
 enjoy life
 and be flexible

 and present your bottom to be spanked when requested

bottoms up


Anonymous said...

Good post. But I have a problem with the last picture. "present your bottom to be spanked when requested" I don't recall any time she "requested" I present my bottom. It's more of a statement. "I'm going to spank you go and get ready" or " go shower and come back naked you are going over my lap for a spanking"

Baxter said...

Good blog. The picture of the girl holding the saplings while bare bottomed is great. She is contemplating the saplings and the pain of them striking her bottom and probably, too late, regretting greatly what got her into this situation. She probably has that sinking realization that her spanking is going to be soon and she knows she deserves it and probably wants it over, but the spanker is going to take his/her sweet time getting to the task at hand.

Anonymous said...

Use to enjoyyoung Audreys spanking vids ,hope she returns ,best,Tim.

Red said...

archedone: everyone has their own methods, but the spanking always occurs.
Baxter: an excellent description, thanks
Tim: as did many of us.
bottoms up