how to stay happily married

This method is fool proof, if consensual....
Spank him often, and vary both the implements and his position, and his state of undress
completely Bare , kneeling, using a wooden paddle
 or completely naked, bending partially, with a leather paddle
 over the knee, bare from the waist down, with your hairbrush
 maybe he can keep0 his socks on, to emphasize his bare bottom receiving the cane
 only his underwear lowered, where he can still feel it around his thighs, while otherwise bare over the knee for a hand spanking
 The wooden bath brush works wonders "over the knee"
 just your look and the carpet beater has him very worried
 a clear ruler certainly makes it's effect known
 lastly, before you stop make certain his feet are kicking uncontrollably 
 it shows his approval of your spanking him
bottoms up


  1. My wife is a firm believer in all of the above. She spanks often in different positions and with different implements. In a few pictures the man has his shorts at half mast.
    I don't know why but for me when she spank me with my panties at my knees that Is the most embarrassing for me.

  2. archedone: panties around your knees is enhancing the submission aspect of your spanking
    bottoms up

  3. This has certainly worked for us ! :-)

    J. & L.


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