fun at the beach

Rule number one: Always take a blanket with you when going to the beach.
You never know when you might need to spank someone, while you are still wearing your clothes...
However, if you forgot the blanket, do give the deserving person the spnaking anyways, and always on the bare
 just because you might be at a clothing optional beach
 Remembe rthat the paddle she holds has more than one purpose
 and the target will be aptly displayed
and a last thought.. is she running out of the water to spank you
bottoms up


Anonymous said...

That is young Pixie being spanked by Chelsea ,best,Tim.

Baxter said...

Great blog as usual. Nice female bare bottoms and of course a F/M captioned picture or two. the first four pictures are incredible as that girls bottom is so red. Nice.

Anonymous said...

I've been spanked in the woods many times, and I have received 3 beach spankings by the ocean. It was early in the morning like 2:00 A.M. and no one was around.

Red said...

tim: thanks for the info
Baxter: you are wlecome
archedone; fun, fun, fun
bottoms up