dream of spanking more than one person

Maybe one day it may be more than "only a dream"
You might have two naughty men that need to be spanked
 or maybe three
 you might even invite a friend to help
then proudly display your prowess
 but maybe the ladies are asking a man to spank them: who would you start with first?
but remember at the end of the day, the men are spanked
 first by the hand, and then the paddle

 but those ladies look so willing
 and they dance so well
so beautiful to contemplate
 fun for both men and women to spank
and they keep posing for more spankings
but in the end
readers of this blog know that it is the men with the sore red bottom
enjoy your dreams
bottoms up


Baxter said...

Great bunch of pictures. Nothing better than bare bottoms. In the picture with the nine young ladies, I would start with #1 and go right down the line until they all had red bottoms. I have a fantasy that I am spanked by two women, my wife and my sister in law, my favorite two women in the world and sisters of the same mindset that men should be managed. But the conclusion is the way it should be - the man shouldbe spanked until his naughty bare bottom is very red. I agree and that wil happen today, I am positive. Earlier I saw my wife arranging the spoon and belt. Hmm.

Anonymous said...

Hope you got the spanking you wanted yesterday. I agree with you Baxter a red well spanked bottom on either male or female looks wonderful. Loved the last picture either one could be me when R is done spanking me. Both very well spanked.

Doumik said...

from what site are the second and fourth photos ?

micheleFFS said...

Also, from what site was the next to last pic, the teacher, her fascinated pupils and the three fearful recalcitrants?

Anonymous said...

The cute girls need spankings on their botties.

Red said...

Baxter: Hope you had the spanking you desired,
archedone: that would be you and baxter if ever your wives meet. (smiling)
doumik: no idea, sorry
michelle: very true
anon: true
bottoms up