a really fun EYE OPENER

Well, this gif definitely got my attention. With so many visits to this blog, and only five regular commenters (Baxter, Archedone, J, L, and Ronnie), I feel I might branch out today with humor and an eye opener. (The blog averages over 5000 page loads a day, but many if not almost are are simple links to a photo or posting.

As W.C. Fields used to say, but updated

First, sit on the naughty spot chair, then over the knee for me!
bottoms up


Baxter said...

That last picture is going to be me today, but probably bent over the bed, as my wife likes to get a good swing every time.

Anonymous said...

the last picture was me yesterday, but I wasn't naughty she just felt like spanking me. She warmed me up OTK with her hand then it was bent over the sofa arm rest with the belt. I know from the way the belt landed I offered her a good target. I'm sure Baxter is getting his about now.

Anonymous said...

That was me last Sunday, a week ago. I posted about it here: http://www.voy.com/242785/38.html 3 Mistresses over me!

Please participate in this new forum. Here's the main page: http://www.voy.com.

The forum especially needs Superior female participants, so please urge your spankers to post!


Anonymous said...

It took some convincing (Possibly whining) but a few times I got my wife to try deep throating, but she'd usually gag and the moment would be lost. And it truly wasn't that my cock was so long. But it would be great while she was warming up to the idea.


Red said...

Baxter; may your wife enjoy herself, and give you an effective spanking.
archedone: pleasant memories from yesterday
michelle: leaving your post is all i will do to advertise. forums are something i avoid
Daniel: be happy with whatever your wife is comfortable with doing. PERIOD!!!
bottoms up