spanking thought for the day

TTWD (The Thing We Do)
if the bristle part makes the bottom that red, imagine what the wood part does
bottoms up


Anonymous said...

My wife spanked me once with the bristle side of the brush. I started to bleed and she stopped. She loves spanking me but does not want blood nor do I. Now she uses the business side of the brush to spank me. Maybe the brush was too stiff.

Baxter said...

We don't have a bathbrush in the implement pile yet, but I have seen some at Whole Foods that might be inspiring. I do like the top picture. I sometimes just tell my wife I need a spanking and she goes right along with it. Lately she has been grabbing the wooden spoon - YEOWCH - that hurts, but it is a nice hurt.


Red said...

archedone: totally agree, would have to be very soft bristles

Baxter: purchase it, life is short, so have fun, before you are to old to be spanked (roughly around age 90)
bottoms up