a Fair trade

Men always enjoy looking at women's breasts.

So, always be wiling to give it a try, if you are about to be given a good boy spanking. When she is sitting on a chair, waiting to spank you.. ask politely: "show them to me"

You may be delightedly surprised,  and then spanked
 and I might say
 very extensively spanked
 but the view is worth the spanking
you might enjoy this video ... I do

bottoms up


Baxter said...

there is a woman in my department that I would gladly let spank me good, if she would just show me her tits and her ass.

Anonymous said...

It seems to us that the lady in pic.# 3 is using the "wrong" side of the bathbrush - though, by the time you get to pic.# 4, the "right" side has been applied... and the time has come for a different "approach" :-)

J.& L.

Red said...

Baxter: pleasant dreams
bottoms up

Red said...

J & L:
no, i think that is the right side if you look carefully, and the enxt picture shows an extremely paddled bottom
bottoms up