your smiles for today

Just to give you a little smile today

Your thoughts about being spanked...
love   hate might depend on which side of the brush you are currently on
 experiment, you BOTH might LOVE IT
 thought for the day
remember to think big
 and relax
bottoms up


Anonymous said...

A girl I dated could not keep her hands off of my penis, in the car, movie theatre, she even had a collection of dildos. Finally I needed to settle her down and a otk spanking worked really well, once her panties were finally off, her cute bottom felt the sting of my hand. As she stood facing the wall I left the room and returned naked, the penis as erect as it could get. She smiled and slowly removed the rest of her clothing and kneeling down enjoyed it. She looked at me and smiled and rubbing her bottom said this is my reward for being spanked, I just smiled, well I will need to be naughty more often. I stood her up and with another sound spank to her bottom she ran to the bedroom, I ran also and found her being the bottom the enjoyment was more fulfilling, liked the way she wiggled as I stroked harder and she I knew enjoyed it.

ronnie said...

They did make me smile. Thanks.


Red said...

anon: and a happy time was had by everyone. great!
bottoms up

Red said...

Ronnie: you are welcome
bottoms up