man spanked consensually by wife

Ask and thou shalt receive.... or maybe be careful what you might wish for, you just might get it.

As a follow-up of yesterday's post, Cindy gave me a very effective spanking. Cindy first took a leisurely bath, then called me to the bedroom, where we first necked and fondled each other.

Cindy then requested I retrieve her high heel (fuck me) shoes, and I put them on her feet while she sat on the spanking chair. Cindy had me retrieve the bath brush, bare my bottom, and place my erection between her thighs as I lowered myself over her knees.

The spanking was everything you can see in the posting yesterday of three different spankings. The spanks were constant in one area, maybe 15 or so, then moving to the other cheek for another 15 or so. The spanks then moved all over one cheek and the back of my thighs, then the other cheek for the same treatment.
Then a series of harder spanks, followed by a pause, as Cindy moved her hand over my bottom gauging how hot it was, and  informing me that she was far from finished.
Cindy also lamented how my erection has disappeared, but I promised it would return later.

Another round of spanks similar to the above description occurrence, many of these much stronger than were originally given, but this might have been my imagination in that my bottom was very sore. (be careful what you wish for)
Another pause, with fondling which was wonderful, followed by yet more spanks with this dreadful bath brush.. A finale of sorts was given, a slow paced series of hard spanks.
Finally permitted to stand, I thanked Cindy for the spanking, and I had the compulsion to grasp my bottom and massage it. This was very brief, as Cindy took my hands and put my arms around her, as we then recommenced kissing and fondling. I dropped to my knees and orally enjoyed licking her, and then we moved to the bed where we intertwined, before I moved lower to orally pleasure her, and then eventually Cindy moved to where I was on my back, and she was kneeling above my lips, bringing her to a screaming orgasm.
After a very short pause, we then moved to where I stood at the side of the bed, and entered Cindy from behind, as she rested on her hands and knees.
My orgasm in a little while was just as loud as Cindy's had been.

We cuddled. I thanked her again for the spanking.

We are getting back to normal in our spanking and love making endeavors.
 The only slight problems is Cindy stated her throat was still sore the next day, whereas my bottom was still red the next day, and still definitely sore two days later.

If you need to be spanked!!! ask and you shall receive

bottoms up


  1. Now that is a memorable spanking. I'm sure you did some kicking, ouching and owing, while Cindy enjoyed the view of your cheeks bouncing. I would think today would be a good day to "refresh" your bottom with another implement.

  2. D: absolutely

    archedone: with such good friends, who needs enemies...
    bottoms up

  3. My wife has paddled my naked butt for something very serious for yrs--Its a happy marriage --she is a good wife---I got it coming when it has to happen--Its out of the shower and it happens asap and my butt hurts however, things are fine afterward so it works for us

    1. Anon: you have a great relationship, and this would work for many couples, if and only if it is consensual that a person is spanked when the other person determines it is needed.
      bottoms up


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