captioned spanking thoughts

The thought
no choice available except
you see the brush
you see her pick it up and carry it to the bedroom
It seems to grow in her hand when she is seated on her chair waiting to spank your bottom
and your bottom feels too large as it is being spanked
Enjoy Life
Bottoms up


Anonymous said...

Hairbrush and no comments made, I know why, once you have felt the sting of the hairbrush, you dread feeling it again. I first felt the sting soundly when my mother-in-law decided my behavior was enough and her daughter was not address it. It was a private spanking, she had me bared from the waist down and I soon was pleading, crying and promising the world. Once standing and rubbing I was told to remove the rest of my clothing, seeing her holding the brush I did as told, to the front I went, my wife not happy and I stood facing the wall while they decided on the new rules. Back at our home, I was allowed a pillow to sit on for a couple of days then I learned things had changed. I stepped out of the shower one morning and told not to dress but to get to the bedroom. I saw her with a hairbrush and the chair, and I froze, I was soon over her lap and my wife spanked me harder than her mother and I danced around the room until I was told to face the wall, no rubbing. She called her mother and I knew my mother-in-law was happy with her daughter.
Today I do as told and when a spanking is required I quickly go to the bedroom, strip and dread what is to come.

Red said...

anon: I assume this is consensual, and that it is improving your behavior. Many men would benefit from being spanked, as would many women. Enjoy HAVING A WIFE WHO CARES FOR YOU ENOUGH TO SPANK YOU.
bottoms up

Peter Jameson said...


Red said...

peter: glad you liked the post
bottoms up