bad girls need good spankings

I often wander around tumblr, just like many people wander to my blog and move on quickly. I have yet to leave comments, but have joined tumblr (it was free), so will start to explore.
One interesting find was the following
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which had the following information
http://www.livescience.com/34832-bdsm-healthy-psychology.html One study last year and one study released this year both agree. At the very least it’s a start to people learning that BDSM isn’t the big bad problem that some believe it is.


Credit: Ioannis Pantzi, Shutterstock Pain is pleasure for masochists, who get aroused by beatings, bondage and humiliation.
Among consensual masochists, however, major maladjustment appears rare. A 1987 study published in the Journal of Sex Research of men recruited through sadism/masochism support groups and a sadism/masochism magazine found that only 6 percent were emotionally disturbed by their own sexual behavior. 

Pain isn't always a pain. Sometimes it can actually feel good.

People experience pleasure during a painful stimulus if the stimulus turns out to be less bad than they were expecting, new research suggests.

"It is not hard to understand that pain can be interpreted as less severe when an individual is aware that it could have been much more painful," said study co-author Siri Leknes, a psychologist at the University of Oslo in Norway, in a statement. "Less expected, however, is the discovery that pain may be experienced as pleasant if something worse has been avoided."

Personally, I would rather be spanked than having an argument, upset feelings, coldness, or simply being unhappy for a few days.
enjoy exploring the links and your kinks, if you are interested
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Baxter said...

As a kink, spanking is benign. I agree with you, I would rather be spanked than have an argument with my wife and I would imagine that a spanking from my wife, when she is really mad, would be a humdinger.

Anonymous said...

During our early years of spanking, we did a little bondage exploration tying me up in different positions. R felt by tying me to the bed or spanking bench took away from the submission in that once tied there was no escape. On the other hand by putting me in the position she desires without being tied and holding position during the spanking showed her more submission. Also if I lost position it would mean a longer spanking.

Red said...

baxter: we agree, and when Cindy is really mad I try to placate her before the spanking.

archedone: R is one very smart woman..

bottoms up