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I deleted a post, because as a reader stated, it was inappropriate. It was obviously play, done for the camera, but still inappropriate. The music on some of the pices was a Benny Hill type adventure, all tongue in cheek, but best not to have it.

So, for your pleasure
bottoms up
yes ma'am
now go stand in the corner  and think QUIETLY about your transgressions
Red (PS thanks MicheleFFS for your comment)


micheleFFS said...

Gee, Red, I didn't mean you shouldn't post it. It was a performance depicting a non-consensual spanking. My point was that it wasn't erotic, as the original poster labeled it. As far as I'm concerned, the First Amendment and the ACLU Rule!

Red said...

michelleFFS: no, you were absolutely right, and it was not erotic, in any stretch of the imagination. My only excuse is I sometimes open videos, and then do something else while using the pause button until it is completely loaded, and then simply move the marker to the spanking part, which I did on this video. I only saw the spanking and love making, and heard the fun music. I will be more careful in the future.
thanks again for alerting me to my error.
bottoms up

smuccatelli said...

Hmmm. I tend to agree with MichelleFFS here. I don't go in much for censorship, even self-censorship. I would have liked to have seen it for myself to judge its merits. But of course, this is YOUR page so any judgements are yours to make and really the First Amendment doesn't apply here. Now if the GOVERNMENT were to try and censor you, that's another thing entirely...

Baxter said...

I agree with previous commenters. Let us see it and determine for ourselves if appropriate or not and leave it at that. I am a self described pervert whose mind resides happily in the gutter and there are a lot like me out there, especially in the transportation business. today's blog and captioned photos are great. R is starting to think like some of them and that is good for me.

micheleFFS said...

I can't see Red as a censor. He wants to put up a post a day even while away, and has other obligations, like baring his butt for his lady-love. He's into Consensual Spanking and the clip portrayed non-consensual spanking, so he deemed it, on second thought, inappropriate and pulled it.
I was a special ed teacher. I had the class read a book together which I had not read in its entirety. Reading ahead, I discovered the book included a sexual relationship between a teacher and a student. NOT appropriate for a class which included sex offenders, victims, and kids under 13 who were both! My irresponsibility! I had the class read a different book, but did not prevent those who wished to finish reading it, nor did I seek to have it removed from the school library.
So neither Red nor I engaged in censorship, but exercised discretion over places where we had authority and responsibility.

Red said...

smuccatelli, Baxter, and Michele:
The video showed non-consensual spanking, forced on a woman by a man, using his superior strength. It would be sexual assault in a court of law. I know it is pretend for the filmmaker, but just like I do not publish photos of so many BDSM activities, this was simply wrong for a blog whose main concept is consensual. As I stated to Michele, I was fooled by it being called EROTIC!!!
May everyone be spanked today who agrees to be spanked.
bottom sup