traveling again

Just a short post to say I will be away for a week, but have left a number of posts to appear for your reading, and possibly more groaner jokes...
For starters..
always a lovely dessert eating pussy cupcakes
 but remember,
so as the saying goes
whether it be spanking your man
 or your woman
 and then
 and so I am happy to say I am
 enjoy life
bottoms up


Anonymous said...

Enjoy your vacation Red and Cindy. May there be spanking on your trip, and may other guests smile at you the next day because they heard you getting spanked. Love the signs on this post.

Baxter said...

It is great for you to be able to vacation a lot and I hope you get lots of spankings in every country you visit. Have fun.

Red said...

Archedone and Baxter; thanks for the good wishes. We are back and had a wonderful time...
(with only one spanking)
bottoms up