My New Year's Eve hug for you

My wishes to you.... A happy loving spanking relationship
Men that know doing chores is equally as valid for them as for women
that it should go without saying in the relationship that men, in responding to their wives :

that the look had better be enough of a warning to behave
if not, then (just a photo without welts for the album...before and after you know)
will be followed by the spanking
so, may you have the Best entire New Year ever, (or at least one that you enjoy often)

hugs, cuddles, love  (above gif was found on http://cuddleninja.tumblr.com/)
bottoms up


  1. Happy New Year Red! I hope Cindy takes the hint from the first photo.


  2. Lovely images and thanks for the one of you two. Have a Happy, strappy, New Year.

  3. Happy New Year to you and Cindy. We both love your blog.

    Brent & Marilyn

  4. Happy New Year to you and Cindy.

    I think Cindy did a wonderful job with the cane:)


  5. We wish both of you a safe and Happy New Year. We hope all followers continue to benefit from your posts. Perhaps some of us will benefit from a mid-night spanking in private or public. Everyone, please be safe.

  6. Happy New Year to Red and Cindy and everyone else. My wish for you and me is that we get plenty of spankings and there will be lots of red bottoms during 2014.

  7. Happy New Year - and many happy spankings!

    J. & L.

  8. Happy New Year! Love that top picture!!!!!

  9. Happy New Year to you and Cindy. My new year wish is may your bottom be bare often, may your feet do a lot of dancing and may your bottom be kept red. I sure hope the same is true for me.

  10. Have a great 2014 the both of you.


  11. Spankings might be a good tool to reinforce new years resolutions.

  12. Hermione: Happy New Year to you and Ron.. and she did recently

    Michael: Happy New Year to you also, actually the first photo is not us,but quite a good photo

    Baxter: Happy New Year to you and many best wishes for a red bottom.

    J & L: Happy New Year to you both also, and at least two spankings for J, maybe on the ratio of 1 for j for every 100 for L.. smiling

    otk4us: Happy New year to you, and I think that is a great picture

    archedone: Happy New year to you, and may your wishes come true

    Pref: Have a great New Year also.thanks

    Simcor: definitely...

    bottoms up
    Brent and Marilyn: glad you both like the blog, and thanks for commenting.. and have a spankingly happy new year

    Ronnie: happy New Year to you and P, sorry, photo is not of us..

    DualPurpose: thanks, and Happy New Year to you.. nice idea to be spanked at midnight


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