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In a consensual spanking situation, where a spanking is about to be given, these might be useful to remember... i FOUND THIS ON A WEBSITE A WHILE AGO, BUT SO NOT REMEMBER WHERE.. (if the person who originally created these would like to comment, I would be pleased to give credit to her/him)
 If it is a punishment spanking
 So many ways to spank, and so many different implements available
 The position of the spankee somewhat determines the severity of the spanking
The implement matters, depending on what the couple wants to be accomplished by giving (and receiving) a spanking
 In our situation, most spankings end in our making love, but not every spanking ends that way

 TEARS ARE NOT NEEDED, BUT i MIGHT LIKE TO EXPERIENCE IT ONCE (AND ONLY ONCE)  If tears occurred, it is more an emotional reaction than pain, simply knowing you have hurt someone emotionally. I occasionally have tears in a movie, and have the same reaction at about the exact same time if I see the movie again, even though I know the entire story...



Anastasia Vitsky said...

Oh, I hope you can find out where you got these images. I love them and would like to use them in a post.

They say quite a lot! Too bad we can't give them out as little pamphlets on how to spank.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful post Red. As R spanks in many different positions with different implements I full well know the different stings and color of my bottom. Hope you find the site where you got them.

Red said...

Anastasia: they float freely around tumblr sites, so feel free to post them.. Maybe some adult stores might put them up near a fifty shades of grey display..
bottoms up

Red said...

archedone: glad you liked them
bottoms up

Loki_Darksong said...

Hi Red. The artist of these great posters goes by the name Arkham-Insanity. Both on Fetlife and Anime OTK. You can find more of her works there or on her Tumblr blog, Arkhamsmaddness.

Drop by and say "Hi". She is a cool person.

Baxter said...

I agree with the no tears thing. My wife spanks me with several different paddles and it hurts and stings, but no way am I near tears. She spanks me because that is what I want and need and I enjoy the pain and the red bottom and that is what I get out of it. The posters are great.

Red said...

loki: thanks for the information... I will drop by
bottoms up

Red said...

Baxter: glad you liked them... and I have been informed by Loki that they come from www.arkhamsmaddness.tumblr.com
bottoms up