The bonds that tie us :POLL

Now, isn't that a catchy title....
We have at times dabbled with light bondage, so I thought this might be an interesting post for readers. We keep some of Cindy's old imitation silk scarves in my bottom dresser drawer, and occasionally enjoy using them.  Blindfolds are also interesting, but you know who is there, and your mind can think of the possibilities, so the slight fear factor is missing.
The play is consensual, and the first picture is our preferred method, whereas the next picture is one of Cindy's and MY favorite bondage positions, with Cindy's pussy over my mouth to pleasure
 Many things will occur before Cindy mounts either my face or my erection.
Rarely, do we tie the hands behind the back, simply due to the awkwardness of pleasuring each other
 Cindy has never spanked gently or otherwise the family jewels (really like that description), but I have been encouraging to fondle my balls a little more firmly when playing with them, as they are not as delicate as her breasts. LIGHT patting like might be happening above is an intriguing thought!
I have tied up Cindy, and played gently with her... but thought suggestive photos of the woman in charge would be interesting to spank discussion.
Please read carefully when answering the poll...... and I have allowed multiple selections for a couple to both answer.               


Playful Bondage

Have you ever tried bondage in your relationship?

I am male and i have been tied up by my partner
I am Female and i have been tied up by my partner
I am male and HAVE TIED UP  my partner
I am Female and HAVE TIED UP  my partner
I am male and HAVE TIED and been TIED UP  BY my partner
I am Female and HAVE TIED and been TIED UP  BY my partner
I am male but have never tried bondage
I am Female but have never tried bondage
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  1. I love the top photo!
    And i hope that you have a Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. Bob: happy thanksgiving toyou also.
      bottoms up

  2. I took the poll but didn't write here so I will now. We have dabbled in bondage mostly with me being the one tied up. We do have ankle and wrist cuffs for tying up. I'm sure you well know the submissive feeling prior to and during a spanking, and for us the bondage added to that submission as one is completely at the others mercy, and may I add R loves to tease my body when I'm tied and she has also straddled my head while tied and enjoyed ridding my tongue for a long time.


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