gif day

I do not make gifs, although I think I should start trying.

This first gif is fabulous.. the determination in the eyes, the stare that is enveloping, and the fear that this determined woman will do to your bottom..

Her spanking spoon.
Maybe the constant spanks attacking your bottom causes you to pause and worry...

or this paddle walloping away
however, remember what is good for the gander, is good for the goose
A little pouting can be hot….
bottoms up  Red

F/M spanking GIF courtesy of the kinky elves at SpankBuzz.com.


Baxter said...

All good pix. I agree with the determination that the ladies have in dealing with naughty male bottoms, especially the one with the 180 degree swing with the paddle; that one I feel I need and deserve and want, until the paddle bites into my butt and I have second thoughts that are way too late in the game. My wife enjoys using the wooden spoon on my bottom and the one long thin paddle. Both get my attention and she is determined to make every spank count. The last one with the very red bottom is the desired effect, of course. Wow.

Red said...

baxter: a 180 degree movement of the paddle is something to avoid, I am certain... glad you liked the pictures
bottoms up

Anonymous said...

The second picture reminds me how my (late) first wife --even if she was not a blonde!-- used to spank me before she got stricter and 'graduated' to using the kitchen spoon, the martinet, the leather strap, etc.!